What to have present when renting a boat

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Remember that we are in Miami and every company advertises that they rent boats. For us, as an organization decided to help you with some tips at the moment you will rent a boat for one day.



– Rent a boat that is the correct size for the people attending. Miami Guard coast is very strict with this rule.
– Take a first aid kit in case some emergency happens. Is better to be prepared than sorry.
– Ask the captain to show you the emergency kit he needs to have on the boat at all times.
– Check the company’s credential before renting the boat.
– Go to their website for more information, yelp or google.
– Visit their physical offices to see how is their business.
– Tell a close friend or family member that you will be going on a boat that day and in what area you plan to be.
– Before leaving the spot where you went, count that every friend is in the boat.

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Miami Ultra Weekend IS HERE.

Want to try a new way to attend to the Ultra Music Festival?

Then rent a boat and see in your own private space all the Music Festival. There’s no better way to visit Miami than the #ClubsBoatRental’s way

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